Are Old Newspapers Worth Keeping?

What is the best way to store old newspapers?

Newspapers should be stored flat, protected within a rigid box or folder.

Special newspaper size boxes and enclosures are available from conservation suppliers.

Added protection may be provided by interleaving the newsprint with thin sheets of alkaline buffered tissue, also available from conservation suppliers..

How much is a newspaper from the Titanic sinking worth?

The cost will most likely exceed $100, but if the paper is period, the authentication will be worth the cost. If your page is period, its value is between $400 and $500. A complete paper will sell for four or five times this amount. If it’s a reproduction, its value is around $15.

How much is a 1941 newspaper worth?

7, 1941.” Valued at $1,800 to $2,000 in 1995, authentic 1st Extra editions graded Very Fine now fetch $3,200 to $3,800 and a cropped example graded Fine recently sold for $2,500.

Is it worth keeping old newspapers?

Don’t throw them away! You might be able to sell them just as they are or use them to make creative and profitable products. In fact, old newspapers can be worth a lot of cash if you know what to do with them.

Where should you keep newspapers at home?

“Whatever you do, keep your newspapers out of the sun and fluorescent lights.” Humidity and heat can also damage and weather newspaper, so Wilmot suggests storing your collection in a bedroom closet and away from the attic or basement.

What is the most read online newspaper?

The New York Times ranked as a close second with nearly 48.7 million unique visitors worldwide. The Guardian comes in third place with an audience of 38.9 million, followed by Tribune Newspapers with 35.9 million unique visitors in October 2012.

What is the most valuable newspaper?

5 of the world’s most valuable newspapersThe Boston Daily Globe – April 16, 1912.The New York Herald – April 15, 1865. … Honolulu Star-Bulletin – December 7, 1941. … Call-Chronicle-Examiner – April 19, 1906. … Fitchburg Sentinel – May 21, 1927. …

What happens to old newspapers?

What happens to my newspaper? By any measure, newspaper recycling has been one of the recycling movement’s most successful endeavors. … In fact, today over 73 percent of all old newspapers in the United States are recovered and recycled.

How do you flatten an old newspaper?

Get an iron and set it on wool and try to flatten the paper out with that first. Page at a time. Gently. To be safe, keep a piece of paper (acid-free of course) between the iron and the newspaper, otherwise the iron could mess up the ink.

Are any newspapers making money?

Newspapers Still Bring in Ad Revenue Still, for some companies, like the New York Times, advertising remains a primary revenue source. … 5% of the newspaper’s advertising revenues (both print and digital) are attributable to classified ads.

What can old newspapers be recycled into?

Metal cans are recycled into car parts, bicycles, and appliances. Newspapers can be turned into anything from cat litter to paper plates.

Why do newspapers turn yellow?

With paper, it all comes back to the fact that it’s made from wood, which contains the substance lignin. When the molecules responsible for color (chromophores) in lignin are exposed to air and sunlight, they become less stable, causing them to absorb more light, gradually darkening the paper from white to yellow.

Are newspapers from 911 worth anything?

Newspapers are mass produced and that lack of rarity diminishes their value. Unless it was from a publisher, which is no longer in existence, and it’s rare misprint or a late edition carrying the news of that day’s tragedy, it’s not worth anything.

How do you protect newspaper from yellowing?

Newspapers quickly turn yellow and start to become brittle when exposed to sunlight or fluorescent light. Whether you frame the original or a copy, the paper should be lit with incandescent light and framed using acid-free mat paper as backing. You may also want to use acid-free polyester sheets as an overlay mount.

Is newspaper eco friendly?

In fact, there are learned experts who contend that traditional newsprint ultimately comes out ahead, at least in terms of net carbon-dioxide emissions. … Manufacturing 1 ton of newsprint, which is enough to create approximately 280,000 broadsheet pages, requires the contents of 12 mature trees.