Can I Delete A Comment On Daily Mail?

Is the Daily Mail app free?

One of Google’s “Best Apps of 2013” with over 2 million downloads, the MailOnline (Daily Mail) app gives you everything you’ve come to expect and love from the world’s largest English-language newspaper website, but with quick, easy and free access on your phone – accessible even when you’re offline..

Who is the editor of the Daily Mail?

Geordie GreigGeordie Greig is the Editor of the Daily Mail, and also Editor of Mail Newspapers.

What is the Daily Mail sidebar of shame?

Instead, the raucous and shameless energy of the tabloid press is now found in the Mail Online, and especially in the strip of thumbnail pictures down the right known as the “sidebar of shame” which specialises in women’s breasts and buttocks. Last week alone, it offered: “Place your butts!

How do I stop email subscriptions?

Scroll to the bottom of any email you receive from the subscription service or company that you no longer want to receive correspondence from, and look for the “Unsubscribe” link. Look for variations of the “Unsubscribe” link if you cannot initially locate it in the email.

How do I contact the media about the story?

Contact the local media and offer to share your mental health story….Contact a local media outlet to tell your storyDecide the outlet. … Pick the journalist. … Call or email. … Think about what you want to say. … Take a movement to say it out loud. … Be yourself. … Debriefing.

How much does the Daily Mail online cost?

The price of your weekday Daily Mail will stay at 65p. Despite a difficult market for newspapers – and rising costs of newsprint – the Mail continues to invest in quality journalism with unbeatable news, features and sports coverage and a dazzling team of columnists.

What is Daily Mail Plus?

MyMail is the most generous place to collect Nectar points every day and from today we are bringing you another benefit. Each day when you enter your Unique Number, you will also unlock a day membership to Mail Plus, the digital edition of the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday.

How do I delete the Daily Mail app?

A: The app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store by searching for “daily mail” in the app store or by simply clicking here. A: Please delete the app from your phone (hold down on the icon until it wobbles, then click the X). Then go to the App Store on your device, search for ”daily mail’ and reinstall the app.

How do I cancel my daily mail subscription online?

Scroll down this page and you’ll see a ‘Cancel’ option. Click on this to immediately stop your subscription. You’ll then automatically be sent out a confirmation email for your records.

How do I report an article to the Daily Mail?

Please contact our editorial team for any issues with our content: If you notice a factual inaccuracy on MailOnline, Daily Mail or Mail on Sunday, please email and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

How do I contact the Daily Mail by email?

To give your feedback please either email us at or fill in the feedback form.

Can I get the Daily Mail online?

Get the Daily Mail, the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline anytime, anywhere… … Get the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday automatically delivered to your tablet everyday. It can be enjoyed on your iPad, Kindle Fire, Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy.