How Can I Get PressReader For Free?

How do I download PressReader?

Managing your newspapers and magazines is easy with PressReader.

Find publications to download in the Browse tab on the app.

First, tap on a publication you like, then simply select the edition you wish to download..

How do I authorize my PressReader?

Once PressReader has been opened on your Android powered device, select the Settings option.Select the Accounts option.Tap the Authorize option.Enter your account credentials (E-mail and Password) into the fields provided.Tap the Authorize button.

What is the PressReader app?

PressReader is the best way to read magazines and newspapers on your phone or tablet. Find your favorite titles and discover new ones from around the world. Save a collection of stories and schedule easy, automatic deliveries.

How can I read newspapers online for free?

To read newspapers online for free, search for newspaper websites and online archives of newspapers….Viewing Subscription Archive.

How do I subscribe to PressReader?

Just register on, click on your name and open the “Manage Account” page. Click on “Subscription” from the menu at the top of the page and then select “Change/Upgrade Subscription”.

What is PressReader HotSpot?

Welcome to our PressReader demo! … PressReader is an all-you-can-read digital newspaper and magazine service. When you visit a PressReader HotSpot, you get unlimited access to thousands of titles from around the world.

Is PressReader free for library users?

With our PressReader service get free access to the e-editions of major world newspapers and magazines. Free with your library card.

Can you print from PressReader?

You can print single pages of a publication in PressReader. Just open the page you want to print and click on the icon at the bottom of the display. If you would like to print an article, just open the article in text view by clicking on its title and then click on the icon at the top of the text window.

How do I get free newspaper archives?

Guides to Online Free NewspapersChronicling America: Historic Newspapers. … Search the World’s Historical Newspaper Archive. … Europeana: Newspapers. … Google Newspaper Archive. … ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: International Collections. … ICON: International Coalition on Newspapers: United States.More items…•