How Do You Say Not Unique?

What is an example of unique?

The definition of unique is one of a kind.

An example of unique is a necklace with a personalized message on the charm.

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What do you call a person who is unique?

You might call this person unique: “the situation was unique in modern politics” synonyms: distinctive, distinct, individual, special, idiosyncratic; single, sole, lone, unrepeated, unrepeatable, solitary, exclusive, rare, uncommon, unusual, sui generis; informal: one-off, one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime, one-shot.

Is un unique a word?

(rare) Not unique.

Why is being unique important?

This is important for several reasons: being unique provides a community with the ability to be a destination – a place where people might travel some distance to visit and being unique sets a community apart from its competitors and gives it a commercial edge in the marketplace.

What makes a person beautiful?

A beautiful person is one whose character is genuinely good. This traits include integrity, generosity, compassion, empathy, sympathy, kindness and loving. Such a kind of person is easy to live with and makes every tough situation and problems seem lighter. This and many others helpe define one as beautiful or not.

What is another word for new?

What is another word for new?creativefreshiningeniousinnovationalinnovatoryinventivenew-fashionedtrendyunprecedented64 more rows

What does not unique mean?

: lacking distinction or singularity : not unique nonunique products nonunique passwords.

What makes people unique?

On top of everything else, there are three important factors that make us unique. The most important factor is our values. We get our values primarily from our parents, then from our family, our extended family, the schools we go to, from our friends and from our community. The second factor is our beliefs.

How do you spell uniquely?

Correct spelling for the English word “uniquely” is [juːnˈiːkli], [juːnˈiːkli], [j_uː_n_ˈiː_k_l_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet)….Similar spelling words for UNIQUELYunequal,unwisely,unequally,uncial.

How can I be unique?

Here are just some of the things that make YOU unique in this world.Your Personality. An individual’s personality is something that is molded from the moment they are born right through to the present moment. … Your Attitude. … Your Experiences. … Your Habits. … Your Creativity. … Your Perspective. … Your Taste. … Your Goals.More items…•

Is an unique or a unique?

An is used when concerned words start with vowel sound. Unique starts with a consonant sound, ‘U’. … And in this case of “unique” that sound that comes out first is of “you”, which is a consonant sound. So, it is always ”a unique” not “an unique”.

How can I be a unique girl?

Dress your own way, don’t be afraid to be you! Wear whatever YOU want, not what the most popular person in school or work is wearing. Change up your style. Try new clothes, accessories and jewelry. All that matters is that you like yourself, not what other people say.

What are 5 unique characteristics you possess?

Top 10 Qualities and Skills Employers are Looking ForCommunication Skills. … Honesty. … Technical Competency. … Work Ethic. … Flexibility. … Determination and Persistence. … Ability to Work in Harmony with Co-Workers. … Eager and Willing to Add to Their Knowledge Base and Skills.More items…•

What is the another word for unique?

What is another word for unique?exclusiveclassicincomparableinimitableirreplaceablematchlessone-offstandoutunequaledUSunmatched215 more rows

What is the opposite of unique?

Antonyms: nonspecific, multiple, usual, general, comparable. Synonyms: curious, unequalled, singular, rum, odd, funny, unparalleled, rummy, remarkable, alone(p), unequaled, unique(p), peculiar. unique(adj)

What part of speech is the word unique?

uniquepart of speech:adjectivepart of speech:noundefinition:unique people or things collectively (usu. prec. by the). It’s a wonderful gift shop specializing in the unique. synonyms: original antonyms: ordinaryrelated words:oddderivations:uniquely (adv.), uniqueness (n.)7 more rows

Is being called unique a compliment?

You are unique In a world full of copycats and wannabes, being unique is one of the best compliments you can get. It means that you are the kind of person who does not settle for the status quo. Instead, you are someone who is not afraid to be yourself, even if that makes you a little different from everyone else.

What is a trendy person?

If you say that something or someone is trendy, you mean that they are very fashionable and modern.

What does mean unique?

adjective. existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique copy of an ancient manuscript. having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable: Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint.

What is another word for different?

What is another word for different?diversemiscellaneousdistinctmyriadvariantunlikedistinctivedissimilarall manner ofunalike34 more rows