How Do You Spell Lead Astray?

What does it mean to lead astray?

lead somebody astraya) to encourage someone to do bad or immoral things which they would not normally do b) to make someone believe something that is not true → lead..

Was led astray?

1. To lead one in the wrong direction; to cause one to be lost or in the wrong place. I’m afraid the GPS led us astray.

How do you use astray in a sentence?

Astray sentence examplesWithout manuals, dictionaries, and easy access to texts, we should go as far astray as any medieval chronicler. … I have heard of many going astray even in the village streets, when the darkness was so thick that you could cut it with a knife, as the saying is. … The radar led you astray.More items…

What does it mean to be easily led?

to be easily persuaded to do or believe something. Synonyms and related words. + Weak, and not determined or ambitious.

What do you call a person who is easily manipulated?

Someone who is impressionable is easily influenced.

What do you call a person who is easily convinced?

Credulous comes from the 16th-century Latin credulus, or “easily believes.” A synonym for credulous is gullible, and both terms describe a person who accepts something willingly without a lot of supporting facts. Calling someone credulous can imply that the person is naive and simple.

What’s the meaning of outspoken?

adjective. uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve: outspoken criticism. free or unreserved in speech.

What’s the definition of astray?

1 : off the right path or route : straying. 2 : in error : away from what is proper or desirable.

What is another word for Lost?

What is another word for lost?missingmisplacedabsentmislaidwaywarddisappearedforgottenvanishedout-of-placestrayed23 more rows

Is it led or lead?

The past tense and participle forms of lead is led /led/. The guide led us to the top of the mountain.

What does astray mean in the Bible?

out of the right wayout of the right way; off the correct or known road, path, or route: Despite specific instructions, they went astray and got lost. away from that which is right; into error, confusion, or undesirable action or thought: They were led astray by their lust for money.

What are synonyms for astray?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for astray, like: amiss, adrift, straying, off the track, wandering, wrong, afield, awry, stray, surprise and abroad.