How Much Is The Daily Telegraph UK?

Can you get the Daily Telegraph delivered?

With hassle-free home delivery, you’re getting the best in news delivered straight to you, making it simple to keep up-to-date with the latest local, national and international news from The Daily Telegraph’s expert team of journalists.

So, when it comes to making it easy to stay informed, we deliver..

How do I contact the Daily Telegraph UK?

You can contact us by telephone on the Telegraph General Switchboard at +44 20 7931 2000.

Can you share Telegraph subscriptions?

The Telegraph Newspaper Edition app for tablet and smartphone is available on iOS, Kindle Fire and Android. A maximum of two devices per subscription may be enabled. A valid email address and activation of your online account is required to access editions.

How much does a Daily Mail Cost?

The weekday Daily Mail will increase its cover price by 5p from Monday, its first increase on these days since February 2016. The newspaper’s Monday to Friday editions will go up from 65p to 70p. The Daily Mail’s Saturday edition costs £1, while the Mail on Sunday costs £1.80.

How much does the Daily Telegraph cost UK?

The Daily Telegraph Saturday will rise to 30p to £2.80 from 1 February, The Sunday Telegraph will rise 30p to £2.50 and the weekday Daily Telegraph will rise by 50p to £2.50. As with last year’s price rises, The Telegraph Media Group has frozen pence margin.

How much is the Telegraph online subscription UK?

All Digital Access is $3 per week for the three months following your free trial, then full price at $6 per week. You can cancel anytime. How can I pay for my subscription?

Is the Telegraph the same as the Daily Telegraph?

The Daily Telegraph, known online as The Telegraph, is a national British daily broadsheet newspaper published in London by Telegraph Media Group and distributed across the United Kingdom and internationally.

Who funds the Daily Telegraph?

Telegraph Media GroupTrade nameTMGOwnerBarclay brothersParentPress HoldingsSubsidiariesThe Daily Telegraph The Sunday more rows

Is The Daily Telegraph app free?

The Digital Edition app brings you the full, daily edition of The Telegraph newspaper, straight to your iOS device. … The Digital Edition app is free to download and you can read it in one of the following ways: Purchase a monthly subscription for £25.99. Your subscription will auto-renew until you choose to cancel.

How much does the Daily Express cost on a Saturday?

The Daily Express Monday to Friday will increase from 55p to 60p, the Saturday Express will increase from 80p to 90p and the Sunday Express will increase from £1.40 to £1.50. The Daily Star Monday to Friday will increase from 30p to 40p, the Saturday Star from 50p to 60p and the Daily Star Sunday from 90p to £1.00.

How much does a Daily Mirror cost?

The Daily Mirror will increase by 5p to 85p and the Daily Mirror Scotland will increase 5p to 90p. Retailer pence margins increased to 17p and 18p, respectively.

What is the best newspaper subscription?

The New York Times.The Wall Street Journal.The Washington Post.The Economist.The New Yorker.Foreign Affairs.The Atlantic.

How much does the Daily Telegraph newspaper cost?

Telegraph Media Group is to raise the cover price of its weekday, Saturday and Sunday editions. From Saturday 2 February, the price of the Saturday edition rises to £2.50, The Sunday Telegraph increases to £2.20 the following day, and from Monday 4 February weekday editions will cost £2.

How does Telegraph app work?

Telegram Messenger is a messaging app that works over the internet, just like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. That means you can send messages for free by using a wi-fi connection or your mobile data allowance (providing you have enough data).

Does Telegraph subscription include puzzles?

By signing up for a free Telegraph account, you can also opt in to receive our new regular puzzles newsletters, which include prize puzzles exclusive to the newsletter, our new crossword clue-writing competition, and all the latest puzzles news, hints and tips.

How much does a newspaper cost UK?

Newspaper prices at a glanceFinancial Times£1.20Daily Mail70pDaily Express70pDaily Mirror55pSun55p30 more rows

Does Murdoch own the Daily Telegraph?

In 1972, News Limited acquired The Daily Telegraph from Sir Frank Packer, making Murdoch one of the “big three” newspaper proprietors in Australia, along with Fairfax Media in Sydney and his father’s old Herald and Weekly Times Ltd in Melbourne.

How do I get a Telegraph online?

How to download your Telegraph Digital Edition appTo download your Digital Edition app go to your device app store and search ‘Telegraph Newspaper Edition’ … Click the ‘Install’ button. … Explore our Digital Edition app. … Logging into your app. … Enjoy your Digital Edition app. … Do you have any questions?