Question: How Is The Evening Standard Funded?

How do I contact the Evening Standard?

During office hours (weekdays from 9.30 a.m to 5.30 p.m.) you can also contact the Evening Standard at or call 020 361 58870..

Is George Osborne still editor of the Evening Standard?

In February 2020, questions were raised about Osborne’s future at the Evening Standard. On 12 June it was announced that he would step down as editor to move on to the role of editor-in-chief. He was succeeded by the former deputy editor of British Vogue and sister-in-law of David Cameron, Emily Sheffield, on 1 July.

Where is Metro distributed?

A carefully targeted distribution network Metro is distributed on public transport networks (trains, trams, buses and the London Underground) and high-traffic commuter zones throughout the UK, the majority of copies are picked up from Metro bins or racks.

Where can I get the Evening Standard?

DistributionTransport. The Evening Standard is available throughout central London from self-selection bins on Network Rail station concourses across the capital. … Canary Wharf. The London Evening Standard is exclusively available in Canary Wharf. … On Street. … Retail.

How many copies of the Sun are sold a day?

1,978,324 copiesThe Sun slipped below the 2m sales mark in October, with an average daily sale of 1,978,324 copies. The last time it sold fewer than 2m was 43 years ago, in early 1971.

Is Evgeny Lebedev a British citizen?

He has lived in the UK ever since, and became a British citizen (with dual nationality) in 2010.

Who is the editor of The Independent?

Christian BroughtonThe Independent/Editors

Who owns London live TV?

Lebedev HoldingsLondon Live launched at 6:30 p.m. on 31 March 2014. The channel is owned by ESTV, which won the Local Digital Television Programme Service (L-DTPS) auction from Ofcom in February 2013. ESTV is owned by Lebedev Holdings.

What font do teachers prefer?

Move over Comic Sans – Best Fonts to Use for Learners & Beginner Writers. Comic Sans the rounded, sans serif font, with a single storey ‘a’ and a simplified ‘g’ has often been the go-to choice for teachers looking to create teaching and learning materials.

What is the circulation of the i newspaper?

221,083October 2019The i/Circulation

Is the Evening Standard being printed?

For the first time in our 193-year history of serving the capital, the Evening Standard print edition is being delivered direct to homes across parts of Zones 2 and 3.

Who funds the Evening Standard?

Evening StandardEvening Standard cover (19 March 2020)Owner(s)Evgeny Lebedev (63%) Daily Mail and General Trust (24.9%) Justin Byam Shaw (7%) Geordie Greig (5%)EditorEmily SheffieldFounded21 May 1827Political alignmentConservative8 more rows

Who is editor of the Evening Standard?

Emily Julia SheffieldEvening Standard/EditorsEmily Sheffield has been appointed as the new editor of the Evening Standard, replacing George Osborne, who becomes the title’s editor-in-chief.

What font does the Evening Standard use?

There’s a fresh and specially designed typeface — called Standard, of course — and a new style to our front page with Eros in red in our new-look masthead. Our new sections also have distinctive colours to help readers get straight to the things you enjoy.

Who is the independent owned by?

The IndependentTypeNewspaper (1986–2016) Online newspaper (2016–present)Owner(s)Evgeny Lebedev (41%) Sultan Muhammad Abuljadayel (30%) Justin Byam Shaw (26%) Minor shareholders (3%)PublisherIndependent Digital News & Media LtdEditorChristian BroughtonFounded7 October 19868 more rows

What is a standard font?

As others have mentioned, the standard font varies, but is usually a serif font such as Times New Roman, although sans serif fonts such as Arial and Helvetica seem to be gaining traction as well.

Where can I find free newspapers near me?

Where to Get Free Newspapers for Packing, Gardening, Painting,…Neighbors, Friends, or Local Community.Local Libraries.Retail Stores.Coffee Shops.Local Recycling Centers.Hotels.Car Dealerships.Salons.More items…•