Question: What Does A Jobby Mean?

What is a Dobber Scotland?

(Britain, derogatory) A member of the working class in Scotland or Ireland who is seen as undereducated, with poor taste, especially in clothes, and poor social skills; closely connected to chav..

What do Scots call a jobby?

Jobby, which is generally considered the polite word in Scots, is one of a number of words in the language equivalent to the English turd. However, it is also true that in North East Scots (or Doric) a jobby can also mean exactly that – a little job or task.

How do you spell Jobby?

Noun(slang) A person’s job, when it is also the aforementioned individual’s hobby. Photography is my friend’s jobby.Alternative spelling of jobbie.

Is Joby a Scottish word?

So, apparently JOBY means 💩 in Scottish, but they say there’s different ways of using the word!

How do Scots say hello?

My Scottish is bad….Scottish Phrases.English PhrasesScottish PhrasesHi!Awrite!Good morning!Guid mornin!Good evening!Guid eenin!Welcome! (to greet someone)Welcome!28 more rows

What does peely wally mean?

adjective. Scot slang off colour; pale and ill-lookinghe’s a wee bit peely-wally this morning.

What is a jobby catcher?

“Jobby Catchers” is a nickname for tracksuit bottoms with elasticated bottoms while “mankles” are when hipsters turn-up their jeans and have no socks on, showing off bare ankle. … No Turned-up Jeans, bare ankles and shoes combinations.”

Why is it called a jobby?

That’s because it is in Scotland – scottish slang dictates that a ‘jobby’ is actually another word for faeces. Yep, jobby means poop, basically.

What does winch mean sexually?

The definition of a wench is an offensive term used to refer to a young girl or a woman or to refer to a prostitute. An example of a wench is a prostitute. noun.

What does walloped mean in Scottish?

verb (used with object) Chiefly Scot. to flutter, wobble, or flop about.

What does Gobshite mean in Scottish?

Gobshite: A stupid person who runs their mouth.

What does jabby mean in Jamaican?

Definition Pronounced as “waa gwaan”, the literal translation is “what’s going on” but when used as a greeting, it can also mean “What’s up”.

What is a Scottish piece?

A ‘piece’ is generally a sandwich, regardless of filling. What the English might know as a ‘chip butty’ is known in Scotland as a ‘chip piece’ for example.