Question: What Does Peely Wally Mean?

What does Drookit mean in Scottish?

The “ch” is pronounced as in Scots loch or German ach.

Drookit – extremely wet / absolutely drenched.

It is most commonly used when referring to the wind, and is thought to be a derivative of the old English word for quick or sharp, and the German word schnell, an adjective or adverb also meaning quick or swift..

What does Drookit mean?

drenched, soaked through(droo·kit) Dialect, chiefly Scot ~adj. 1. drenched, soaked through. (

Is peely a word?

This is a Scots urban word that means to be pale and and colourless in appearance or off-colour and ill-looking.

What does Och Aye noo mean?

Oh yes, just now“Och aye the noo!” This is one of those Scottish phrases that can be heard in countless parodies aimed at poking fun at the Scots’ dialect and accent. Its direct English translation is “Oh yes, just now”.

What does Glaikit mean?

adjective Chiefly Scot. foolish; giddy; flighty.

What is Wally short for?

Wally or Wallie is a given name, and a nickname for Wallace which ultimately means ‘Wales’ and Walter.

What is a Wolly?

wolly in British English (ˈwɒlɪ ) nounWord forms: plural -lies. London dialect. a pickled cucumber or olive. Collins English Dictionary.

Where does peely wally come from?

Peely-wally, with the ‘wally’ pronounced to rhyme with rally, not holly, is a Scots adjectival expression meaning pale, wan and off-colour, in the sense of looking unwell and tired. “She’s had the flu and she’s looking affy peely-wally.”

What does yer bum’s oot the Windae mean?

bum is out the window“Yer bum’s oot the windae” (Your bum is out the window) – You’re literally talking rubbish.

What does Dreich mean in English?

Adjective. dreich (comparative more dreich, superlative most dreich) (Northern England, Scotland, Northern Ireland) Bleak, miserable, dismal, cheerless, dreary.

What does Dreigh mean?

or dreigh or driegh (driːx ) adjective. Scottish dialect. dreary.

What is a kebbie lebbie?

Kebbie-lebbie is an altercation carried on by various people speaking at the same time. Wee clype is a little tattle tale.

Is Wally a word?

Yes, wally is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is a Wally in British slang?

Noun. wally (plural wallies) (Britain, slang) a fool. (colloquial, London and Essex) a large pickled gherkin or cucumber.

What is a wee Scunner?

You are a ‘wee scunner’ can be a term of endearment for a toddler. You are a ‘total scunner’ means you are annoyed (fed up) with that person.