Question: What Does Scrutiny Mean?

What does it mean to be under scrutiny?


: being carefully examined especially in a critical way Their behavior is under scrutiny again..

What does the word scrutiny means?

noun, plural scru·ti·nies. a searching examination or investigation; minute inquiry. surveillance; close and continuous watching or guarding. a close and searching look.

How do you use the word scrutiny?

Examples of scrutiny in a Sentence the close scrutiny of data I’d never faced that kind of scrutiny before. Because of their past crimes, everything they do now will be subject to scrutiny. Her opinion is based on a careful scrutiny of the text.

What are the 3 levels of scrutiny?

You’ve likely heard that there are three levels of scrutiny used by courts to evaluate the constitutionality of laws: rational basis review, intermediate scrutiny, and strict scrutiny.

What is the synonym of scrutiny?

scrutiny(noun) Synonyms: inspection, investigation, survey, perusal, going-over, exploration, inquiry, probe, scan, examination, study. scrutiny(noun)

What is another word for talking about?

What is another word for talk about?discussdebatespeak ofmake knownallude totell ofcall attention toadvert torefer toargue92 more rows

How do you spell scrutiny?

verb (used without object), scru·ti·nized, scru·ti·niz·ing. to conduct a scrutiny.

What are some examples of scrutinize?

Examples of scrutinize in a Sentence I closely scrutinized my opponent’s every move. Her performance was carefully scrutinized by her employer.

Is scrutiny a negative word?

Scrutiny isn’t a negative word; however, a lot depends on the connotation of a word in a sentence. An alternative could be either of the following: Some people opine that it should be the governments to take measures concerning the healthy lifestyle of its people.

What is critical scrutiny?

critical scrutiny (=when something is examined and judged or criticized)Their work is in the public domain and open to critical scrutiny.

What is ethical scrutiny?

The point about ethical review is to debate openly the costs and benefits of conducting research dependent on both the topic and the technique. … Ethical scrutiny will continue to grow.

What is the difference between scrutiny and review?

As nouns the difference between review and scrutiny is that review is a second or subsequent reading of a text or artifact while scrutiny is intense study of someone or something.