Question: What Papers Does GateHouse Media Own?

How many employees does GateHouse Media have?

7,707 employeesGateHouse Media has 7,707 employees and is ranked 4th among it’s top 10 competitors..

Who owns Gateway media?

Gateway is owned by Hillman, who heads local investment firms FTL Capital and Lewis & Clark Ventures, and David Karandish and Chris Sims of Answers. Those three retained ownership of the company following its spin from Answers after Answers’ $900 million acquisition by Apax Partners in 2014.

Who owns Augusta Chronicle?

Gannett Media Corp.The Augusta Chronicle is owned by Gannett Media Corp.

Who owns Cape Cod Times?

Gannett Media is owned by Gannett Media Corp. At Gannett Media Corp., our mission is to deliver high quality and trusted journalism, products and services that enrich the communities we serve – our readers, commercial partners, employees and investors.

Who owns the Patriot Ledger?

Gannett Media Corp.The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA is owned by Gannett Media Corp.

How many newspapers does GateHouse Media own?

154GateHouse Media, which owns 154 daily newspapers and operates in 39 states, has been on a buying spree in recent years, striking deals to acquire The Austin American-Statesman, The Palm Beach Post and The Akron Beacon Journal.

Who owns the Times Herald Record?

—an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, for $87 million. The newspapers will be operated by GateHouse Media, a newspaper group owned by Fortress. News Corp.

Who owns the most newspapers in the US?

Top 10 newspapers by circulationNewspaperPrimary service areaOwnerUSA TodayNationalGannett CompanyThe Wall Street JournalNationalNews CorpThe New York TimesNationalThe New York Times CompanyNew York PostNew York metropolitan areaNews Corp6 more rows

Who owns Akron Beacon Journal?

GannettThe Akron Beacon Journal is a morning newspaper in Akron, Ohio, United States. Owned by Gannett, it is the sole daily newspaper in Akron and is distributed throughout Northeast Ohio. The paper’s coverage focuses on local news.

How many employees does Gannett have?

21,2552019Gannett/Number of employees

Where is GateHouse Media located?

Rochester, New YorkIt was renamed GateHouse and its headquarters moved to suburban Rochester, New York, in April 2006.

Who is the CEO of GateHouse Media?

Kirk A. Davis (Feb 14, 2014–)GateHouse Media/CEO

Who owns most of the newspapers in America?

The entire 10-percent-plus club consists of:Edward W. Scripps Trust: 22.55 percent of E.W. … Berkshire Hathaway: 20.45 percent of Washington Post Company. … Ariel Investments: 18.95 percent of Lee Enterprises.GAMCO Investors: 13.07 percent of Journal Communications.Rupert Murdoch: 39.71 percent of News Corp.

Who owns the Salina Journal?

Gannett Media Corp.Salina Journal is owned by Gannett Media Corp.

What is GateHouse Media LLC?

GateHouse Media, Inc. provides publications services. The Company publishes local newspaper, management structure, short biographies, and, articles, as well as offers marketing, and online advertising. GateHouse Media serves its clients throughout the United States.

What is the largest newspaper chain?

Gannett, Now Largest U.S. Newspaper Chain, Targets ‘Inefficiencies’ – The New York Times.

Who owns USA Today?

USA TodayUSA Today front page (2 February 2017)TypeDaily newspaperFormatBroadsheetOwner(s)GannettFounder(s)Al Neuharth13 more rows

What is the most read online newspaper?

The New York Times ranked as a close second with nearly 48.7 million unique visitors worldwide. The Guardian comes in third place with an audience of 38.9 million, followed by Tribune Newspapers with 35.9 million unique visitors in October 2012.