Question: What TV Stations Does Tegna Own?

Is Gray Television owned by Sinclair?

The original proposal for the Sinclair-Tribune merger would have increased the number of stations Sinclair owns and operates to 223 and granted it access to 72 percent of American TV households.

It’s not just Sinclair that is consolidating, however.

Just last month, Gray Television Inc.

and Raycom Media Inc..

Who owns Wwltv?

TEGNA Inc.About TEGNA WWL-TV is owned and operated by TEGNA Inc., an innovative media company that serves the greater good of its communities.

What does the C in CBS stand for?

Columbia Broadcasting SystemCBS (an initialism of the network’s full name, the Columbia Broadcasting System) is an American commercial broadcast television and radio network owned by ViacomCBS through its CBS Entertainment Group division.

What does the TBD Channel stand for?

To Be DeterminedTBD, which does stand for “To Be Determined,” sports the tagline “What’s Next.” If you want to know what’s next on the live feed or on-air, check out the complete TBD schedule at

Where is WWL TV located?

New OrleansTegna Inc. (WWL-TV, Inc.) WWL-TV, virtual channel 4 (UHF digital channel 27), is a CBS-affiliated television station licensed to New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Who owns the most local TV stations?

Sinclair Broadcast GroupHeadquarters of Sinclair Broadcast Group in Cockeysville, MarylandTotal equity$557.9 million USD (2016)OwnerSmith family (controlling)Number of employees8,400 (2016)DivisionsChesapeake Television Sinclair Networks Sinclair Original Programming20 more rows

What is the richest TV network?

The Top 10 Most Valuable TV Networks in the World1 ESPN: $25.6 billion.2 TNT: $ 13 billion. … 3 Fox News: $11.4 billion. … 4 TBS: $9.6 billion. … 5 Disney Channel: $9.3 billion. … 6 USA Network: $7.7 billion. … 7 MTV: $ 7 billion. … 8 Discovery Channel: $7 billion. … More items…•

Does CBS own Sony? … “Sony Buys CBS Record Division for $2 Billion After Months of Talks.” Accessed June 4, 2020.

How many stations does Gray own?

145 stationsFounded in 1946 by James Harrison Gray as Gray Communications Systems, the company owns or operates 145 stations across the United States, based primarily in markets as large as Cleveland and as small as North Platte, Nebraska.

How do I watch Sinclair Broadcasting?

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. STIRR is launching on iOS and Android devices, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, Roku and on the web at: providing viewers with a variety of linear networks that cater to all interests, such as movies, news, sports, sci-fi and action, family-friendly programming, and comedy.

What is the biggest broadcasting company?

The 30 biggest media companies in the worldAlphabet — $59.62 billion in media revenue.The Walt Disney Company — $22.45 billion in media revenue. … Comcast — $19.72 billion in media revenue. … 21st Century Fox — $18.67 billion in media revenue. … 5. Facebook — $11.49 billion. … Bertelsmann — $10.04 billion in media revenue. … Viacom — $9.61 billion in media revenue. … More items…•

Where is tegna headquarters?

Virginia, United StatesTegna Inc./Headquarters

Who owns KVUE?

TEGNA, Inc.’ KVUE is owned by TEGNA, Inc., which reaches approximately one-third of all television households in America.

Does Sinclair own Fox?

The stations are affiliates of various television networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW as well as numerous specialty channels. … (The stations involved in the initial deal, WPGH-TV and WPTT — now WPNT — are now both owned by Sinclair outright.)

Who owns Wnep 16 Wilkes Barre?

Tegna Inc.Tegna Inc. WNEP-TV, virtual channel 16 (UHF digital channel 21), is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States and also serving Wilkes-Barre. The station is owned by Tegna Inc.


KVUE, virtual channel 24 (UHF digital channel 33), is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to Austin, Texas, United States.

Who is chief meteorologist at WWL?

Chris FranklinChris Franklin – Chief Meteorologist.

What channel is ABC on in New Orleans?

channel 26(Tribune Television New Orleans, Inc.) WGNO, virtual and UHF digital channel 26, is an ABC-affiliated television station licensed to New Orleans, Louisiana, United States.

Who owns local TV stations?

Sinclair Broadcasting Group is already one of the most powerful media companies in the country. It owns nearly 200 local television stations in nearly 100 markets — and it’s about to get even more powerful.

What does tegna stand for?

TEGNA—all caps in the press release but not in Gannett’s own USA Today story on it—is the new name of that broadcast-digital company. Tegna (or TGNA as it will be on the NYSE) is an acronym of sorts, drawn from “Gannett,” though why the company felt constrained to use only those letters is a mystery.

What company owns CBS?

National AmusementsCBS Corporation/Parent organizations

Are CNN and Fox owned by the same company?

CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting which is owned by Time Warner . They also own HBO and Warner Brothers. Fox News is under 21st Century Fox (renamed from News Corp) and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. They also own Sky News and National Geographic Partners.

How many local TV stations are there in the US?

According to the IFT, as of June 21, 2017, there are, 411 commercial television networks, 52 educational television networks, 7 Regional television networks. and 183 State-level television networks. These lists only cover broadcast stations.