Question: What’S A Bampot Mean?

Where does the word Bampot come from?

Bampot is thought to be from barm, the froth found on the top of a fermenting liquid, which is also the source of the English colloquial word barmy , meaning crazy..

What does chancer mean in Scottish?

A chancer is someone who quite boldly ‘chances their luck’ by taking risks and asking unreasonable requests. This usually comes with an air of cheeky self-awareness.

What does Och Aye noo mean?

Oh yes, just now“Och aye the noo!” Its direct English translation is “Oh yes, just now”.

What does Jobby mean in Scotland?

Noun. jobbie (plural jobbies) (Scotland, slang) Faeces; a piece of excrement.

What is a Bampot mean?

Don’t Be a Bampot This is Glasgow’s word for an idiot. It is often uttered in jest between friends or shouted during an angry quarrel. Also be on the lookout for being called a tumshie.

Is Bampot a swear word?

(Scotland, slang, pejorative) Idiot; an objectionable and foolish person.

How do you say shut up in Scottish?

Wheesht: shut up.

What does Haud yer Wheesht mean?

You’re off your headTranslated it says “You’re off your head!”, meaning ‘you’re crazy’. “Haud yer wheesht!” … English translation is “Hold your tongue” or “Be quiet!”.

What is a Workie?

1. someone who is doing work experience (=working for a company without being paid) Synonyms and related words.

What is a Barnpot?

noun. someone who is idiot, unintelligent. Get to it, you barnpot!

What does Dreich mean in Scottish?

A word that is commonly used to describe the Scottish weather has been named the “most iconic” Scots word. “Dreich” – meaning dull or gloomy – topped a poll to mark Book Week Scotland, led by the Scottish Book Trust. It beat off contenders including “glaikit”, “scunnered” and “shoogle”.

What is a Dobber?

Noun. dobber (plural dobbers) A type of thick marker pen used to mark a bingo card. quotations ▼ Synonyms: dabber, dauber. (Britain, derogatory) A member of the working class in Scotland or Ireland who is seen as undereducated, with poor taste, especially in clothes, and poor social skills; closely connected to chav.