Quick Answer: How Many Prime Ministers Has Australia Had 2020?

Who is the youngest prime minister of Australia?

The youngest person to assume the office was Chris Watson (age 37 years, 18 days).

The oldest person to assume office was John McEwen (age 67 years, 265 days).

The oldest living former Prime Minister is John Howard, born 26 July 1939 (age 81 years, 79 days)..

Who is longest serving prime minister?

Period of serviceSir Robert Walpole, the longest-serving Prime Minister (1721–1742) (7620 days)George Canning, the shortest-serving Prime Minister (April–August 1827) (119 days)William Pitt the Younger was the youngest Prime Minister ever appointed (at age 24).More items…

How many Liberal prime ministers has Australia had?

Nine members of the Liberal Party of Australia have served as prime minister: Sir Robert Menzies (19 December 1949 – 26 January 1966) Harold Holt (26 January 1966 – 19 December 1967) John Gorton (10 January 1968 – 10 March 1971)

Who has been Australia’s best prime minister?

Alfred Deakin was a unanimous choice as Australia’s best prime minister, winning full votes from each selector; Robert Menzies also appeared on every “best” list. No one prime minister appeared on all six “worst” lists, although William McMahon appeared on five and James Scullin on four.

How many Australian prime ministers died in office?

was one of the three prime ministers who died in office (Joseph Lyons died in 1939 and Harold Holt in 1967), but the only one to die at The Lodge.

Which Australian prime ministers were not born in Australia?

Chris Watson. Australia’s third Prime Minister is the only one so far to have been born outside the United Kingdom or Australia. … George Reid. George Reid. … Andrew Fisher. Andrew Fisher. … Joseph Cook. Joseph Cook. … Billy Hughes. Billy Hughes. … Julia Gillard. Julia Gillard. … Tony Abbott. Tony Abbott.

How is Australian Prime Minister elected?

The Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General, who by convention under the Constitution, must appoint the parliamentary leader of the party, or coalition of parties, which has a majority of seats in the House of Representatives.

Who is the longest serving Australian Prime Minister?

The longest-serving prime minister was Sir Robert Menzies, who served in office twice: from 26 April 1939 to 28 August 1941, and again from 19 December 1949 to 26 January 1966. In total Robert Menzies spent 18 years, 5 months and 12 days in office.

Who was the last Labour prime minister?

List of Prime MinistersNameTime in officePolitical partyTony Blair1997 – 2007LabourJohn Major1990 – 1997ConservativeMargaret Thatcher1979 – 1990ConservativeJames Callaghan1976 – 1979Labour73 more rows

Who was the first Australian born prime minister?

List of officeholdersNo.Name (Birth–Death)Term of officeTime in office1Sir Edmund Barton (1849–1920)2 years, 266 days2Alfred Deakin (1856–1919)216 days3Chris Watson (1867–1941)113 days51 more rows

What did Julia Gillard do for Australia?

She is the first and only woman to hold the positions of Deputy Prime Minister, Prime Minister and leader of a major party in Australia. Born in Barry, Wales, Gillard migrated with her family to Adelaide, South Australia, in 1966.

Who was the prime minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975?

Gough Whitlam was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1972 to 1975.

How many prime ministers has Australia had?

Australia has had 29 prime ministers since Federation serving 35 separate terms of office (see Appendix 1).

Who were the Australian prime ministers?

Scott MorrisonSince 2018Australia/Prime minister

Who are the last 10 prime ministers of Australia?

Prime MinistersScott Morrison. Liberal. 2 years, 61 days. 2018. … Malcolm Turnbull. Liberal. 2 years, 344 days. 2015. … Tony Abbott. Liberal. 1 year, 363 days. 2013. … Julia Gillard. Labor. 3 years, 4 days. 2010. … Kevin Rudd. Labor. 2 years, 289 days. … John Howard. Liberal. 11 years, 268 days. … Paul Keating. Labor. 4 years, 83 days. … Bob Hawke. Labor. 8 years, 285 days.More items…

Who is the New Zealand prime minister?

Jacinda ArdernSince 2017New Zealand/Prime minister

Has Australia ever had a female prime minister?

Julia Gillard (27th Prime Minister, 2010–13) is the first female Prime Minister of Australia. No woman has yet served as Leader of the Opposition in the Commonwealth Parliament. All states and territories except South Australia have had a female head of government (premier or chief minister).

How many female prime ministers has Australia had?

A total of twelve women have served, or are serving, as the head of an Australian government. Of these, one has served as the prime minister of Australia, six as the premier of a state and four as the chief minister of a territory.