Quick Answer: How Much Do Call Her Daddy Podcast Make?

What happened between Dave Portnoy and call her daddy?

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy commandeered the “Call Her Daddy” Instagram account on Tuesday to respond to Sofia Franklyn’s recent video statement, in which she claimed that her podcast partner and former friend Alexandra Cooper stabbed her in the back as the pair attempted to renegotiate their three-year deal ….

How much is El Pres worth?

David Portnoy net worth and salary: David Portnoy is an American sports media figure and internet entrepreneur who has a net worth of $120 million. Portnoy has earned his fortune as the founder of digital sports conglomerate Barstool Sports.

Is call her daddy problematic?

The hosts’ brutal honesty might be deemed problematic by some, but they only speak to their own experiences and viewpoints, and don’t claim to speak for anyone else. There’s a podcast out there for everybody. … Call Her Daddy appears to be a harmless podcast about sex and relationships.

Is call her daddy podcast over?

Call Her Daddy, a popular podcast exploring sex and dating culture, has returned with one of its original two hosts after a break and a bitter feud. … In April, the podcast uploaded what turned out to be its final episode hosted by both Cooper and Franklyn.

What is Suitman call her daddy?

Franklyn refers to him on the show as “Suitman,” because he presumably wears a lot of suits. According to Portnoy, Suitman has been helping Franklyn shop Call Her Daddy around, and was the one who advised her not to take Barstool’s new deal.

Did barstool get rid of call her daddy?

The founder of Barstool, Dave Portnoy, uploaded an episode called “Daddy Speaks” on Sunday, May 17 after nearly six weeks of no new content. … “We aren’t going to do this deal if you [Franklyn and Cooper] don’t give us the ownership of ‘Call Her Daddy’ because it makes no sense,” Portnoy said.

How much is Alexandra Cooper worth?

Alexandra Cooper Net WorthNet Worth:$300 ThousandLast Updated:2020

How much is Sofia Franklyn worth?

How much is Sofia Franklyn Worth? Sofia Franklyn net worth and salary: Sofia Franklyn is an American social media personality who has a net worth of $300 thousand. Sofia Franklyn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in July 1992. She is a podcaster and blogger for Barstool Sports.

How did Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn meet?

Alexandra Cooper and her Call Her Daddy co-host, Sofia Franklyn, met through a mutual friend. While the two were on vacation in Texas, they began having an open conversation about sex. The conversation ended up drawing a crowd and several people suggested the pair start a podcast.

How did the call her daddy podcast start?

In 2018, Sofia Franklyn and Alex Cooper debuted their podcast, Call Her Daddy. The two friends came up with the idea while on vacation, and a little over a month after its launch, Barstool Sports picked the show up.

How much money do barstool podcasts make?

Barstool Sports has 25 podcasts and brought in $15 million from them last year. Barstool Sports recorded more than $15 million in podcasting revenue in 2018, according to a source.

Who is Sofia boyfriend?

Peter NelsonPeter Nelson and Sophia Franklyn have been dating each other for over a year, according to a news portal.

Are Peter Nelson and Sofia Franklyn dating?

Nelson had been dating 28-year-old Franklyn for at least a year. Franklyn apparently began referring to Nelson as “suitman” on the podcast from early 2019. The two were pictured together at the 6th annual Village Fete in Brooklyn, New York, on April 27, 2019.

How many listeners does call her daddy podcast have?

The podcast was acquired by Barstool Sports about a month after the first episode aired and quickly began raking in hundreds of thousands of subscribers. It jumped from 12,000 to two million downloads in just two months and topped the podcast charts. It is one of the top 20 most popular on Apple Podcasts.