Quick Answer: Is Prolific A Crossword?

Who is the comic strip possum?

PogoPogo, popular 20th-century American comic-strip character, a cartoon possum who was the main actor in an often politically charged daily newspaper strip of the same name..

What is a Hogs home?

Hog’s home. PIGPEN. Hog’s home (6) PIGSTY.

What status has a lot of crossword?

have lots of statusHave lots of statusRATEHas lots of statusRATES39 more rows

Is it worn by a man of the woods crossword?

is it worn by a man of the woods? (6)RANKANSWERIs it worn by a man of the woods? (6)BOWLERAdvice on how to steal to a man of the forest? (5,4)39 more rows

Does crossword have affection?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for HAVE AFFECTION FOR [cherish]

What is MSN rival?

ANSWER. MSN rival. A O L. AOL or MSN, e.g. I S P.

Is possession a crossword?

is in possession ofIs in possession ofOWNSIs in possession ofHAS39 more rows

What is the platform for Siri?

I O Splatform for siriRANKANSWERPlatform for SiriI O SLike questions for Siri39 more rows

What is an animation frame?

In video and animation, frames are individual pictures in a sequence of images. For example, a Flash movie you see on the Web may play 12 frames per second, creating the appearance of motion.