Quick Answer: What Does Nubivagant Mean?

What is a Quaintrelle?


quaintrelle (plural quaintrelles) (archaic, rare) A woman who is focused on style and leisurely pastimes.


What is a kinsman definition?

noun, plural kins·men. a blood relative, especially a male. a relative by marriage.

What is a Nyctophilia?

A preference for the night or darkness.

What is an Eccedentesiast?

OP DEFINITION eccedentesiast (noun) someone who hides pain behind a smile.

What does Solivagant mean?

: rambling alone : marked by solitary wandering.

What does Nefelibata mean?

cloud walkerNefelibata. Definition: A cloud walker. An individual who lives in the clouds of her own imagination or dreams. A person who doesn’t abide by the rules of society, literature, or art. Pronunciation: ne-fe-LE-ba-ta.

What is the meaning of wandering?

adjective. moving from place to place without a fixed plan; roaming; rambling: wandering tourists. having no permanent residence; nomadic: a wandering tribe of Indians. meandering; winding: a wandering river; a wandering path.

What do you call someone who wanders?

noun. a person who wanders about idly and has no permanent home or employment; vagabond; tramp. … an idle person without visible means of support, as a tramp or beggar. a person who wanders from place to place; wanderer; rover.

What does wander off mean?

To wander away from somewhere. He got bored and wandered off.

How do you use Nubivagant in a sentence?

nubivagant in a sentenceThe pair spent four weeks on the peak producing a route which they named Nubivagant-ascent into the clouds.It’s difficult to see nubivagant in a sentence .

What is a Melophile?

Noun. melophile (plural melophiles) One who loves music.

What is the meaning of Agathokakological?

both good and evil: composed of both good and evil.