Quick Answer: What Does Offhand Mean?

What does flagrantly mean?


shockingly noticeable or evident; obvious; glaring: a flagrant error.

notorious; scandalous: a flagrant crime; a flagrant offender.


blazing, burning, or glowing..

What does dunce mean?

noun. a dull-witted, stupid, or ignorant person; dolt.

What does imperious mean?

adjective. domineering in a haughty manner; dictatorial; overbearing: an imperious manner; an imperious person. urgent; imperative: imperious need.

What is another word for go hand in hand?

What is another word for go hand in hand?quadrateagreeclickcoherecoincideconcertconcordconcurconformconsist112 more rows

Had my hands full meaning?

Definition of have one’s hands full : to be very busy She’ll have her hands full with the new baby.

What is the idiom of have one’s hand full?

(idiomatic) To be busy or thoroughly preoccupied.

What does melancholy mean?

adjective. Definition of melancholy (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : suggestive or expressive of sadness or depression of mind or spirit sang in a melancholy voice. b : causing or tending to cause sadness or depression of mind or spirit : dismal a melancholy thought. 2a : depressed in spirits : dejected, sad.

What does Askew mean?

to one side; out of line; in a crooked position; awry: to wear one’s hat askew; to hang a picture askew. with disapproval, scorn, contempt, etc.; disdainfully: They looked askew at the painting.

What does can mean?

to be able to; have the ability, power, or skill to: She can solve the problem easily, I’m sure. to know how to: He can play chess, although he’s not particularly good at it. to have the power or means to: A dictator can impose his will on the people.

Does solemn mean sad?

If you’ve ever attended a funeral, you were probably struck by how quiet, earnest, and solemn the mood was. You can use the word solemn to describe anything that’s really serious and dignified. The adjective solemn comes from the Latin sollemnis, which means formal or ceremonial.

What does holstered mean?

noun. a sheathlike carrying case for a firearm, attached to a belt, shoulder sling, or saddle.

What does it mean to go hand in hand?

if two things go hand in hand, they are closely connected and cannot be considered separately from each other. The principle of the playgroup movement is that play and learning go hand in hand: your child masters new skills and absorbs knowledge while having fun. Easy Learning Idioms Dictionary.

What does it mean to have hand?

have a hand in (something) 1. To be involved or influential in the planning, creation, or execution of something. … I’d like to have a hand in planning the party, if that’s all right. 2. To remain involved in something, often in a minor role or capacity.

What is brusque?

1 : markedly short and abrupt a brusque reply. 2 : blunt in manner or speech often to the point of ungracious harshness was brusque with the customers.

What is the meaning of solemnly?

adjective. grave, sober, or mirthless, as a person, the face, speech, tone, or mood: solemn remarks. gravely or somberly impressive; causing serious thoughts or a grave mood: solemn music. serious or earnest: solemn assurances.

How do you use hand in hand in a sentence?

Hand-in-hand sentence examplesThey walked upstairs hand in hand. … Sarah stood and they headed to the holding room, hand in hand. … They began the long descent, hand in hand.More items…

What’s the meaning of offhand?

without previous thought or preparation; extempore: to decide offhand to take a trip.

What does slovenly mean?

untidy or unclean in appearance or habits. characteristic of a sloven; slipshod: slovenly work.

What’s another word for hands on?

on-the-job, First-hand, action-oriented, concrete, interventionist, direct, practicable, tactile, interactive, experiential, workable, practice-oriented, specific, actual, active, matter-of-fact, internship.

What does slovenly person mean?

The definition of slovenly is someone or something that is messy, overly casual or careless in their actions. When someone has messy and uncombed hair and dirty clothing, this is an example of a person who would be described as slovenly.