Quick Answer: What Is An Example Of National?

What is a good sentence for National?

Examples of national in a Sentence Adjective She won the national championship last year.

His test scores were higher than the national average.

Doing well in the Olympics is a matter of national pride.

Baseball is called America’s national pastime..

What is the synonym of National?

internal, interior(a), home(a) Antonyms: world-wide, private, multinational, supranational, world(a), transnational, foreign, international, global, local, worldwide, internationalist, internationalistic, planetary. national(adj)

What is the meaning of National?

adjective. of, relating to, or maintained by a nation as an organized whole or independent political unit: national affairs. owned, preserved, or maintained by the federal government: a national wildlife refuge. peculiar or common to the whole people of a country: national customs.

What is meaning of national and international?

National = within the same country International = to other countries. National = within the same country. International = to other countries. See a translation.

What is the verb form of national?

verb (used with object), na·tion·al·ized, na·tion·al·iz·ing. to bring under the ownership or control of a nation, as industries and land: a movement to nationalize the oil industry. to make into a nation. to naturalize.

What is the root word for National?

The word nation came from the Old French word nacion – meaning “birth” (naissance), “place of origin” -, which in turn originates from the Latin word natio (nātĭō) literally meaning “birth”.

What is the definition of a national business?

These businesses are operating in national markets – e.g. the markets for telephones, television, groceries and fast food. … Another way to think of a national market is in terms of the total sales of a product or service across the country.

What is the meaning of national unity?

National Unity Governments are coalition government made up of all or most parties in a parliament. They are usually formed in times of war or severe political crisis. National Unity is the name of political parties in various countries –

How do you promote in unity?

Ways to Promote UnityDevelop a Common Goal. Having a common, clearly-defined goal lets your team know what direction you want to move in. … Arrange Team-Building Activities. … Encourage Open Communication. … Celebrate Important Events. … Problem Solving.

How do you achieve unity?

Create strong culturesInstill a strong belief in family and unity. Leaders avoid finger pointing and blaming. … Hire the right people. Individuals who share your core values create a common bond. … Constantly communicate the vision and mission of the organization. … Create an atmosphere of working through adversity.

What are local businesses?

Any company that provides goods or services to a local population is considered a local business. Often denoted by the phrase, “brick and mortar,” a local business can be a locally owned business or a corporate business with multiple locations operating in a specific area.

What is the important of unity?

1. Unity is needed for survival. As we all know unity protects us from all the evil doings, hence we people should help each other and together we should fight and face the evil and negative things, when we together stand only then we get freedom from all kind of negativity.

What is an example of a national business?

A national business is one that operates within the borders of a particular country. Like a local business, a national business understands the culture of the country and develops products and services to satisfy its market. For example, Doughnut Time is a doughnut shop that operates throughout Australia.

What is the difference between local regional and national?

Regional is bigger than local and smaller than national. The local weather forecast covers your city and perhaps a few suburbs; the regional forecast gives you more: maybe a slew of counties, maybe the whole state, maybe even several states.

What is the meaning of non national?

not a citizen1. not national, not a citizen of a (specified) state or nation. 2. a person who is not a citizen of a (specified) state or nation.