Quick Answer: What Is Wrong With Savannah On The Today Show?

Did Hoda have flu?

Between pneumonia, a detached retina and vocal cord surgery, the hosts of the Today show have had a tough year — and Hoda Kotb is the latest to get sick.

Her co-host, Savannah Guthrie, told viewers on Monday morning that Kotb, 55, is home sick with the flu, and will have to miss several days of the show..

What’s wrong with Savannah on the Today show?

Get the latest from TODAY TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie will have to go back under the knife to fix her eyesight after an accident left her with a tear in her retina in November. She was playing with her son Charley, now 3, when he accidentally hit her in the eye with a toy train.

Why did Savannah leave the Today show?

Savannah Guthrie reveals she’s been missing from the “Today” show this week due to a case of pneumonia. The anchor shared the news on Instagram Thursday, writing: “Well. It’s pneumonia. Explains a lot.” She called into NBC’s morning program Friday and elaborated on her symptoms.

Did Savannah Guthrie have a face lift?

The surgery is a result of an accident Guthrie had last month while playing with Charley. At the time, the toddler threw a toy train at her eye, tearing her retina. “It has a really pointed edge and he threw it right at me,” she said at the time.

What is the salary of Hoda Kotb?

$7 millionAccording to reports from when Hoda took over Matt Lauer’s co-anchor chair in January 2018, the 55-year-old makes anannual salary of $7 million.

Who left the Today show recently?

Sheinelle JonesSheinelle Jones, who began co-anchoring Weekend Today in 2014, announced Saturday it would be her last day on the program. Jones has been working six days a week as co-anchor of the Saturday editions and as co-host on the 3rd Hour of Today.

Who will replace Savannah Guthrie on the Today show?

Kotb, who was announced as Lauer’s permanent replacement as co-anchor of Today’s first two hours in early 2018, told viewers she’d prayed before the show about how to handle the news: “You feel like you’ve known someone for 12 years, you feel like you know them inside and out, and all of a sudden a door opens up and …

Is Savannah Guthrie still sick?

March 31 (UPI) — “Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie has returned to the show following her illness. … The 48-year-old television personality reunited with co-host Hoda Kotb on the series Monday after completing a cautionary quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Is Savannah sick?

NBC News “Today” co-anchor Savannah Guthrie has been sidelined with a case of pneumonia. Guthrie was first out sick Monday, Sept. 16, 2019.

How much does Savannah Guthrie make a year?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Guthrie’s current annual salary is $8 million, with a total net worth of $20 million.

Why is Savannah Guthrie at home again?

In April, Savannah made the decision to work from home on a more long-term basis after having returned to the studio. At the time, she explained to co-host Hoda Kotb that she chose to work from home again because she wanted to abide by the state regulations set in place and keep her family safe at the same time.