Quick Answer: What Languages Use The Word No?

Does no mean yes in any language?

In Polish, no means ‘yes’..

What are different ways to say yes?

InformalYes.Ya.Yep.Yup.YAAAAAS.Totally.Totes.Sure.More items…•

What country does no mean yes?

“Ne” in Greece Means Yes Most countries in Europe have similar words for no: No, Nein, Nej, Nei, etc.

How do you say yes in Belgium?

How do I say yes in Belgium? There are several languages spoken in Belgium. The main ones are Dutch and French, so you’d say “ja” and “oui” respectively. Some people also speak German, which is also “ja.”

How do you say no in Japanese?

How do you say no in Japanese? The one word you really need to know is いいえ (iie). It’s pronounced as “ee-ye.” But, there are more ways of saying no. You will learn them all in the next 3 minutes.

How many languages use the word no?

‘No’ In 10 Languages.

How do you say God in all languages?

In other languages godAmerican English: God.Arabic: اللهBrazilian Portuguese: deus.Chinese: 上帝Croatian: bog.Czech: bůh.Danish: gud.Dutch: god.More items…

Is there a word that is the same in all languages?

In linguistics, cognates are words that have a common etymological origin. Cognates are often inherited from a shared parent language, but they may also involve borrowings from some other language.

What word can I use instead of please?

What is another word for please?delightcontentpleasurecharmentertainindulgecheerobligeoverjoysuit189 more rows

How do you say home in different languages?

In other languages:Apache: Chiricahua: kuugha̧ Western: gowąh.Chinese (simplified): 家 (house: 房子)Dutch: heem.French: maison.German: heim.Greek: σπίτιHebrew: be-it.Italian: casa.More items…

How do you say please in all languages?

You’re welcome.Spanish. Please: Por favor. Thank you: Gracias.French. Please: S’il vous/te plaît (formal/informal) Thank you: Merci.German. Please: Bitte. … Italian. Please: Per favore. … Portuguese. Please: Por favor. … Chinese. Please: Qǐng. … Arabic. Please: Min fádlak (to a man), Min fádlik (to a woman) … Russian. Please: Pazhalsta.More items…

What language does da mean yes?

Russian даBorrowing from Russian да (da, “yes”).

What is DA in Irish?

Hi, I’m English and ‘Da’ is generally used by the Irish and Scousers (People from the City of Liverpool) as an abbreviation of Dad.