Quick Answer: Where Is The Scotsman Printed?

What is the biggest selling newspaper in Scotland?

Daily newspapersTitleMarket typeScottish circulation 2016The HeraldScottish – Quality28,872The ScotsmanScottish19,449The NationalScottish – Tabloid8,496Daily RecordScottish – Popular20 more rows.

Who owns Johnston Press?

JPIMediaJohnston Press/Parent organizations

Who is the i newspaper owned by?

The owner of the Daily Mail, DMGT, has bought the i newspaper and website for £49.6m from JPI Media. DMGT chairman Lord Rothermere said the paper was “a highly respected publication with a loyal and engaged readership”.

How much does Sunday Mail Cost?

The weekday Daily Mail will increase its cover price by 5p from Monday, its first increase on these days since February 2016. The newspaper’s Monday to Friday editions will go up from 65p to 70p. The Daily Mail’s Saturday edition costs £1, while the Mail on Sunday costs £1.80.

How much does the Scotsman newspaper cost?

Scottish daily increases cover price by 10p Scottish daily The Scotsman has increased its cover price by 10p a day – the second such price increase in the space of nine months. The price of the flagship Johnston Press title has been raised from £1.20 to £1.30 each weekday and from £1.60 to £1.70 on a Saturday.

Who is the editor of The Scotsman?

editor Frank O’DonnellThe digital-focused restructure is being led by Scotsman editor Frank O’Donnell in his role as editorial director for Scotland before he leaves in May to join rival DC Thomson.

Who now owns the newspaper?

On 29 November 2019, it was announced that JPIMedia had sold the i newspaper and website to the Daily Mail and General Trust, which owns the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline. Lord Rothermere, the chair of DMGT, said that the paper would maintain its politically independent editorial style.

Who owns Sheffield Star?

JPIMediaThe Star, the weekly Sheffield Telegraph and the Green ‘Un are published by Sheffield Newspapers Ltd (owned by JPIMedia), based at The Balance in Pinfold Street in Sheffield City Centre.

Who owns the national newspaper Scotland?

NewsquestThe National is a Scottish daily newspaper that is owned by the publisher Newsquest. It began publication on 24 November 2014, and was the first daily newspaper in Scotland to support Scottish independence.

Where is the Daily Record?

GlasgowThe Daily Record is a tabloid newspaper based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Is the Scotsman a Tory paper?

The Scotsman is a Scottish compact newspaper and daily news website headquartered in Edinburgh. First established as a radical political paper in 1817, it began daily publication in 1855 and remained a broadsheet until August 2004. … Its website, Scotsman.com, had an average of 138,000 unique visitors a day as of 2017.

What the Scottish papers say?

The Scotsman, The National and the Daily Mail feature the story of Scottish police investigating the CIA torture report, while First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s first meeting with The Queen is highlighted on the front page of The Herald and The Scotsman.