What Does Flagrantly Mean?

What does adverse mean?


unfavorable or antagonistic in purpose or effect: adverse criticism.

opposing one’s interests or desire: adverse circumstances.

being or acting in a contrary direction; opposed or opposing: adverse winds.

opposite; confronting: the adverse page..

What does slovenliness mean?

Noun. 1. slovenliness – a lack of order and tidiness; not cared for. unkemptness, sloppiness. untidiness – the condition of being untidy.

What does disparaging mean?

that disparages; tending to belittle or bring reproach upon: a disparaging remark.

What is the best synonym for Notorious?

SYNONYMS FOR notorious 1 infamous, ill-famed, egregious, arrant, flagrant, disreputable. 2 notable, renowned, celebrated, prominent, conspicuous, famous, widely known.

What does belligerence mean?

adjective. warlike; given to waging war. of warlike character; aggressively hostile; bellicose: a belligerent tone. … pertaining to war or to those engaged in war: belligerent rights.

What is another term for denouement?

noun. 1’the film’s denouement was unsatisfying and ambiguous’ SYNONYMS. finale, final scene, final act, last act, epilogue, coda, end, ending, finish, close. culmination, climax, conclusion, resolution, solution, clarification, unravelling.

What does flagrant disregard mean?

It is defined as, “conspicuously offensive, bad, or reprehensible.” For example, The court proceedings were a flagrant miscarriage of justice. The officer arrested the criminal for his flagrant disregard for the law. The President’s executive order was deemed a flagrant abuse of power.

What does blatant disregard mean?

Blatant disregard means an incident where the real, significant and imminent risk of harm would be so obvious to a reasonable parent or caretaker that it is unlikely that a reasonable parent or caretaker would have exposed the child to the danger without exercising precautionary measures to protect the child from harm.

What is the adverse effect?

An adverse effect is an undesired harmful effect resulting from a medication or other intervention, such as surgery. An adverse effect may be termed a “side effect”, when judged to be secondary to a main or therapeutic effect.

What does I am not adverse mean?

Adverse means ‘unfavourable or harmful’ and is normally used of conditions and effects rather than people, as in adverse weather conditions. Averse, on the other hand, is used of people, nearly always with to, and means ‘having a strong dislike or opposition to something’, as in: I am not averse to helping out.

What does blatantly obvious mean?

1 : noisy especially in a vulgar or offensive manner : clamorous. 2 : completely obvious, conspicuous, or obtrusive especially in a crass or offensive manner : brazen blatant disregard for the rules. Other Words from blatant Synonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about blatant.

What does blatantly mean?

adjective. brazenly obvious; flagrant: a blatant error in simple addition; a blatant lie. offensively noisy or loud; clamorous: blatant radios. tastelessly conspicuous: the blatant colors of the dress.

What is the synonym of flagrant?

1’a flagrant disregard for human rights’ SYNONYMS. blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, evident, conspicuous. naked, barefaced, shameless, brazen, audacious, brass-necked. undisguised, unconcealed, patent, transparent, manifest, palpable.

What are examples of adverse effects?

Examples of such adverse drug reactions include rashes, jaundice, anemia, a decrease in the white blood cell count, kidney damage, and nerve injury that may impair vision or hearing. These reactions tend to be more serious but typically occur in a very small number of people.

What is another word for egregious?

Synonyms foratrocious.deplorable.flagrant.grievous.heinous.nefarious.scandalous.shocking.