What Does It Mean To Jump In?

What does I’ll jump you mean?

“Jump” is just a way of saying “have sex.” When a guy thinks a girl wants him to talk dirty to her, he may say something like “I’m going to jump your bones” which, again, means grab you and have sex with you.

There are many slang words for “jump” such as “hump”, “lay”, “bed”, “get in your pants”, “screw”, etc..

What does simp mean?

simp (plural simps) (slang) A simple person lacking common sense; a fool or simpleton.

What does jumped out mean?

1 : to suddenly come at (someone) from a hiding place The hidden assailant jumped out at them. 2 : to immediately get the attention of (someone) The sculpture jumps out at you when you enter the house. I checked for errors, but nothing jumped out at me.

What are box jump overs?

In the box jump-over, there is no requirement to stand tall while on top of the box. … The athlete may step up or jump on top of the box and then jump or step down on the other side, or the athlete may jump completely over the box. If jumping over the box, the feet must go over the box, not around it.

What does jumping someone’s bones mean?

Jump-someone-s-bones definitions (idiomatic, slang) To have sex. verb.

What does jump right in mean?

Idiom: jump in / jump right in to quickly get involved in something. to interrupt somebody when they’re talking.

What does jumping someone mean?

To “jump” someone means to catch them off guard to harm them physically. Usually by a group of people. It is, or at least was, a popular term to use in the late 80′s and 90′s in southern California. To be initiated into a gang you had to be “jumped in”.

What’s it like to get jumped?

getting jumped is like you think its a dream and like in a dream try to get out of it. when its done you might feel dizzy just get on a nee until your at full consciousness after get out of the area as fast as you can because you might not have someone to save you in a crisis.

What does jumped in slang mean?

to beat someone up via a sudden surprise attack, usually as a group. They jumped him in the subway and stole his wallet.

What is the meaning of jump over?

jump over something to leap over or across something. The fellow named Jack jumped over a candle placed on the floor. Puddles are to be jumped over, not waded through.