What Is Going On With Matt Lauer?

What happened with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry?

Lauer was accused of rape by an NBC colleague, Brooke Nevils, who claimed the attack took place while the two were in Sochi covering the Winter Olympics there in 2014.

The network conducted an investigation of the allegation against Lauer and, in the end, made the decision to fire him..

Did Matt Lauer get a settlement from NBC?

Matt Lauer’s attorneys have reportedly been working on a deal that could land him a $30 million payout, but according to new reports their efforts might be futile. … Lauer “will not be paid past his last day of work,” a senior NBC source told CNN.

Who replaced Matt Lauer on the Today show?

Hoda KotbHoda Kotb Named Co-Anchor Of ‘Today’ Show, Replacing Matt Lauer : The Two-Way : NPR. Hoda Kotb Named Co-Anchor Of ‘Today’ Show, Replacing Matt Lauer : The Two-Way Kotb has filled in for Lauer since he was fired in late November for inappropriate sexual behavior.

What does Matt Lauer have tattooed on his arm?

This week, disgraced former Today show host Matt Lauer was spotted driving his BMW around Sag Harbor with a new tattoo on his forearm, a sentence inked in two rows of loopy cursive.

Where is Matt Lauer now 2020?

In the Hamptons, of course. Since being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women and being fired by NBC, Lauer has been laying low at his Hamptons home.

Is morning show based on Matt Lauer?

Technically, the answer is no. The Morning Show was announced as Apple’s first scripted series in early November 2017, a couple of weeks before the allegations against Lauer came to light. … That did happen to Matt Lauer. It also happened to Charlie Rose and someone on Fox—it isn’t exclusively Matt Lauer.”

Who was Matt Lauer’s co anchor?

Colleague Hoda KotbReferenced Symbols. Almost two years ago, “Today” show host Savannah Guthrie fought back tears live on the air while telling viewers that her co-anchor Matt Lauer had been axed for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.” Colleague Hoda Kotb sat in Lauer’s seat — which would become hers not long afterward.

What does Matt Lauer’s new tattoo say?

The 62-year-old former Today co-anchor was snapped driving in Sag Harbor, New York, on Wednesday in pictures published by Us Weekly, where his new tattoo was clearly visible on his right forearm. The tattoo is written in cursive and reads, “Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in.” The quote is from former Sen.

What is the latest news on Matt Lauer?

NEW YORK – Former NBC news anchor Matt Lauer is breaking two and a half years of silence about the sexual assault allegations that got him fired from the Today Show. He posted a 4,800-word column online, saying he was falsely accused of rape by journalist Ronan Farrow in his book “Catch and Kill.”

What is Hoda Kotb’s salary?

$7 millionAccording to reports from when Hoda took over Matt Lauer’s co-anchor chair in January 2018, the 55-year-old makes anannual salary of $7 million.

Is Matt Lauer still rich?

Celebritynetworth.com estimates that Lauer is worth approximately $80 million. Lauer is the just one high-profile media figure to be brought down by allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior.

What was Matt Lauer’s salary before he was fired?

By 2002 Lauer’s salary was up to an estimated $8 million. Couric left NBC in 2006, and within a year Lauer’s salary was bumped up to a reported $17 million. Roughly five years later, Lauer’s new Today contract paid him $25 million per year, and his annual earnings have been estimated as high as $28 million.

What is Matt Lauer’s net worth?

Matt Lauer Net Worth and Salary: Matt Lauer is an American former news anchor and TV host who has a net worth of $80 million.

Did Matt Lauer get a pay out?

Matt Lauer’s contract called for him to be paid tens of millions of dollars. But NBC doesn’t expect to pay it now that he’s been fired. Lauer “will not be paid past his last day of work,” a senior NBC source told CNNMoney on Friday.

Who was Matt Lauer’s co host when he was fired?

Savannah GuthrieSavannah Guthrie fought back tears on Wednesday’s segment of NBC’s “Today” show while announcing that her co-host Matt Lauer had been fired from NBC News for “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”