What’S The Opposite Of A Monster?

What is the feminine gender of monster?

Monster doesn’t have a feminine form in English.

Usually, “monster” is used for both male and female monsters..

What’s worse than the devil?

The answer to the riddle is “nothing.” Nothing is greater than God. Nothing is more evil than the Devil.

What is the feminine of his?

This template will expand to “his” or “her” based on a user’s gender. It will obtain the user’s gender from the user’s preferences and expand to form “his” (male), “her” (female), or “his or her” (unspecified).

What does accidentally mean?

: in an accidental or unintended manner : by accident I accidentally deleted the file.

What does Leviathan mean?

Leviathan, Hebrew Livyatan, in Jewish mythology, a primordial sea serpent. … In Isaiah 27:1, Leviathan is a serpent and a symbol of Israel’s enemies, who will be slain by God. In Job 41, it is a sea monster and a symbol of God’s power of creation.

What does Shedevil mean?

a woman who resembles a devil, as in extreme wickedness, cruelty, or bad temper.

What is opposite of devil?

Antonyms: archangel, angel, seraph, cherub. Synonyms: satan, lucifer, fiend, archfiend, foul fiend, demon.

What is common gender?

in English, a noun that is the same whether it is referring to either gender, such as cat, people, spouse. in some languages, such as Latin, a noun that may be masculine or feminine, but not neuter.

What is the opposite of Occident?

occidental (meaning west) —-antonym is oriental (meaning east)

What is the opposite of green?


What defines a monster?

A monster is often a type of grotesque creature, whose appearance frightens and whose powers of destruction threaten the human world’s social or moral order. A monster can also be like a human, but in folklore, they are commonly portrayed as the lowest class, as mutants, deformed, supernatural, and otherworldly.

What is the synonym of monster?

archfiendbeast.demon.devil.evil spirit.ghoul.monster.ogre.

What is a She Devil Called?

Noun. she-devil (plural she-devils) (literally) A female devil (as opposed to a he-devil, male devil). (figurative) A woman whose bad temper, cruelty or wicked ways are so extreme as to evoke an image of the devil.

What is the gender of her?

What are some commonly used pronouns? She/her/hers and he/him/his are a few commonly used pronouns. Some people call these “female/feminine” and “male/masculine” pronouns, but many avoid these labels because not everyone who uses he feels like a “male” or “masculine.”

What is a harridan?

The definition of a harridan is a mean, old lady. An example of a harridan is an 85 year old woman who yells at everyone who passes by her home.

What means spiteful?

Spiteful, revengeful, vindictive refer to a desire to inflict a wrong or injury on someone, usually in return for one received. Spiteful implies a mean or malicious desire for (often petty) revenge: a spiteful attitude toward a former friend.

Which is the opposite of accidentally?

What is the opposite of accidentally?deliberatelyconsciouslydesignedlywilfullyadvisedlyby designintentionallyon purposepurposelyby choice13 more rows

What does varmint mean?

vermin. an objectionable or undesirable animal, usually predatory, as a coyote or bobcat.