Which Country Brand Is Highlander?

Is Breakbounce a good brand?

Good quality cotton trouser at very reasonable rate.

It is as good as other leading brands..

Is roadster an Indian brand?

Roadster, Myntra’s outdoor lifestyle brand, has launched an all-new licensed Roadster MotoGP collection, becoming the first Indian brand to enter into an exclusive collaboration with the world’s premier motorcycling championship.

Is Hubberholme a good brand?

I feel very comfort and became a fan for Hubberholme brand… The stitch quality is standard and material is made with very fine cotton which is the markable. I would recommend this product for the business casual. … The Product is excellent going by the price.

Is Metronaut a brand?

The platform launched a women’s private label in the ethnic wear category earlier this month. Metronaut as a brand will be retailed by a single seller, RetailNet which has outsourced the manufacturing.

Who owns flipkart now?

WalmartFlipkart/Parent organizations

Is Highlander good brand?

Yes, Highlander is definitely a good brand. It is does not only account the fact the quality of the clothes is good, but also that the price are pretty affordable. … As it is a British brand, it offers a variety of western wear. It can be said that it is a common man’s brand due to it’s prices.

Is Highlander a Chinese brand?

Established in 2007 , HIGHLANDER APPAREL COMPANY LTD. has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Women Wear ,Pants & Trousers in China. The supplier company is located in Shanghai, Shanghai and is one of the leading sellers of listed products.

Which are the best jeans brands?

The Best Jeans Brands In The WorldLevi’s. Founder Levi Strauss was, in effect, the inventor of the five-pocket western jeans style, back in 1873. … Full Count. … Warehouse & Co. … TCB. … Oni. … Iron Heart. … Dawson Denim. … Sugarcane.More items…

Does Kohli own Wrogn?

Fashion brand Wrogn, co-owned by Universal Sportsbiz and Virat Kohli, has introduced a new campaign this September with an aim to establish itself as a youth brand among its TG.

Is Shein an Indian company?

Why is SHEIN banned in India? SHEIN is a China-based online shopping portal which has its headquarters in Guangzhou, Hong Kong. Chris Xu is the Founder and CEO of SHEIN. It has been catering to thousands of customers in India.

Who is the owner of Highlander brand?

Highlander Apparel is a private apparel sourcing and manufacturing service provider. Founded by husband and wife team, Boris Liu and Cathy Wang, they have been successfully operating since 2007.

What is Metronaut?

Flipkart Fashion has now launched a private label for men – Metronaut. The company has termed the collection as a contemporary urban fashion line offering trendy styles. As per a company statement, Metronaut supports over 300 styles in men’s clothing and accessories.

Which brand is best in myntra?

Here is a complete list of Best brands on Myntra in all categories:Sr. No.BrandBudget1Forever 21Pocket friendly2RoadsterPocket friendly3ChemistryModerate4Vero ModaModerate26 more rows

Which is better Flipkart or Myntra?

While Myntra caters to a more premium, fashion-conscious segment of consumers and therefore typically commands higher average selling prices (ASPs) on unit sales, Flipkart has positioned itself as a mass player.

Is roadster a good brand?

There is good quality in the clothing of roadster. I personally bought many cotton t-shirts of the roadster and all the t-shirt are as it is after so many washes. The cloth has not left any lint or anything. The color is strong and no problem of fading also.

Are Highlander shirts good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Nice colour, fabric and quality cloth….. It is a good fabric . I got it at Rs599 and is perfect fit for me as of size 32. Nice colour and upon washing no colour wipe out of fabric.

Does myntra sell fake products?

No, Myntra does not sell counterfeit products at all. … Since customers are well aware of the brands, all the biggies try to bring up the product for every segment of customer (Adidas shoes will range from 1400 INR to 15000 INR).