Who Are NPR Sponsors?

Who are the NPR hosts?

HostsDavid Bianculli, guest host, Fresh Air.Melissa Block, special correspondent and former host, All Things Considered.Bob Boilen, host, All Songs Considered.Robin Hilton, host, All Songs Considered.Dee Dee Bridgewater, host, JazzSet.Neal Conan, host, Talk of the Nation.More items….

Who is CEO of NPR?

John LansingNational Public Radio/CEO

Who is John Lansing?

John Lansing, the chief executive officer and director of the U.S. Agency for Global Media, will become NPR’s CEO in mid-October. … Lansing, who is 62, is currently the chief executive of the government agency that oversees Voice of America, Radio and Television Martí and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, among others.

How old is NPR?

50 years (February 26, 1970)National Public Radio/Age

How many employees does NPR have?

People at NPR More than 700 people work at National Public Radio bringing you news and cultural programming every day.

Who owns NPR now?

NPR controversiesTypePublic radio networkRevenueUS$159 millionNet incomeUS$18.9 millionOwnerNational Public Radio, Inc.Key peopleKevin Klose, president emeritus Joyce Slocum (interim), president and chief executive officer Mitch Praver, chief operating officer9 more rows

Who are NPR corporate sponsors?

The radio and podcasting giant does not run traditional advertisements, but nearly one-third of its revenue has come from corporate sponsors like Angie’s List, General Motors, State Farm and Trader Joe’s.

Who is NPR funded by?

Typically, NPR member stations receive funds through on-air pledge drives, corporate underwriting, state and local governments, educational institutions, and the federally funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

Is PBS and NPR the same?

The new organization initially collaborated with the National Educational Television network—which would become the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). … On February 26, 1970, the CPB formed National Public Radio (NPR), a network of public-radio stations. Unlike PBS, NPR produces and distributes programming.

What percentage of NPR listeners donate?

10.4 percentDivide that into NPR’s audience number, and you get about 10.4 percent of listeners donating. But Coulson cautions that’s just an estimate. Also, a 2013 Greater Public survey of about 100 stations found that the percentage of donating listeners ranged from 6–12 percent.

How much do NPR hosts make?

All Things Considered anchor Robert Siegel earned $358,653, while Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon got $364,465, according to NPR’s latest 990 form. All of NPR’s on-air staff is unionized, and the non-union staff typically receives salary increases of about 2.5% annually.