Who Owns New Media Investment Group?

How many employees does GateHouse Media have?

7,707 employeesGateHouse Media has 7,707 employees and is ranked 4th among it’s top 10 competitors..

Who is the CEO of GateHouse Media?

Kirk A. Davis (Feb 14, 2014–)GateHouse Media/CEO

Who funds GateHouse Media?

Pittsford, New York-based GateHouse, the operating subsidiary of New Media Investment Group, will combine with McLean, Virginia-based Gannett, the larger of the two companies, in a cash-and-stock deal worth about $1.38 billion and financed in part with new private-equity debt.

Who is Mike Reed?

Mike Reed (born May 26, 1974) is an American jazz drummer, bandleader, composer and music presenter.

Does USA Today still exist?

USA Today is distributed in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, and an international edition is distributed in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Pacific Islands.

How many employees does Gannett have?

21,2552019Gannett/Number of employees

Who is the CEO of USA Today?

Mike ReedMike Reedwas named CEO….Gannett.Headquarters of USA Today and parent company Gannett Company in Tysons Corner, VirginiaHeadquartersTysons Corner, Virginia, U.S. (McLean mailing address)Key peopleMike Reed (Chairman and CEO)ProductsNewspapersRevenueUS $ 3.146 billion (2017)18 more rows

Who controls new media investment group?

2019-08-05 reuters.com – Aug 5 (Reuters) – New Media Investment Group said on Monday it will buy USA Today-owner Gannett Co, valuing the company at about $1.4 billion….SecurityNEWM / New Media Investment Group Inc. (64704V106)CEO of Gannett Media Corp.BASCOBERT PAUL JISINUS64704V10616 more rows

Who bought out Gannett?

GateHouseIn the deal, GateHouse parent New Media Investment Group will purchase Gannett for a combination of cash and stock, creating a conglomerate that will own more than 250 daily newspapers including publications such as USA Today, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Indianapolis Star, plus hundreds of weekly and …

How much is the USA Today newspaper?

USA TODAY’s e-Newspaper Subscription: $9.99 per month.

Who owns the Salina Journal?

Gannett Media Corp.Salina Journal is owned by Gannett Media Corp.

Where is GateHouse Media located?

Rochester, New YorkIt was renamed GateHouse and its headquarters moved to suburban Rochester, New York, in April 2006.

Who owns the Indianapolis Star?

GateHouse Media, a chain backed by an investment firm, is buying USA Today and Indianapolis Star owner Gannett Co. for $12.06 a share in cash and stock, or about $1.4 billion. The combined company would have more than 260 daily papers in the U.S. along with more than 300 weeklies.

How many newspapers does GateHouse Media own?

154GateHouse Media, which owns 154 daily newspapers and operates in 39 states, has been on a buying spree in recent years, striking deals to acquire The Austin American-Statesman, The Palm Beach Post and The Akron Beacon Journal.

What is the largest newspaper chain?

Gannett, Now Largest U.S. Newspaper Chain, Targets ‘Inefficiencies’ – The New York Times.

Who owns the Augusta Chronicle?

GannettThe Augusta ChronicleTypeDaily newspaperOwner(s)GannettPublisherWilliam S. Morris IIIFounded1785 (as Augusta Gazette)Headquarters725 Broad Street Augusta, GA, 30901 United States3 more rows

What papers does GateHouse Media own?

This list includes daily and weekly newspapers owned by GateHouse Media Inc….TimesNewspapers weeklies:Chillicothe Times-Bulletin of Chillicothe and Dunlap.Washington Times-Reporter of Washington.Woodford Times of Woodford County.East Peoria Times-Courier of East Peoria.Morton Times-News of Morton.

Who owns the Times Herald Record?

—an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, for $87 million. The newspapers will be operated by GateHouse Media, a newspaper group owned by Fortress. News Corp.